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Jun 30 / Easter Egg Hunter

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Want to be the coolest parent on the block next Easter?  Oh…you already are.  In that case, skip to my article on “How to Maintain Coolness on Your Block When You’re Already the Coolest.”  For those of you who could use a few points around town, this article may be for you.

Easter egg hunts can be incredibly boring for parents.  Why?  Because it’s the same old hiding of eggs that we do for our kids every year.  And that’s fine – great, even – because our kids have a fun time.  But as long as we’re in charge, why shouldn’t we as parents have a little fun with it at the same time?

One thing that’s a blast to do is to throw in a few horribly rotten eggs for the kids to find.  It’s fun to hear them say “eww!” or to hear them laugh when they find them.  Another fun thing to do is to find small, egg-shaped water balloons.  When the kids find one, they get to throw it at YOU (not hard).  Or the best one – in my opinion – is to hide a few real eggs, and after you’re done, have an egg toss.  We’ve all been part of egg tosses, right?  Right.

Maybe you can come up with better ideas than I can.  In fact, I’d like that, since I already used these ideas last Easter.  I guess there are endless things we can do for our kids and ourselves to make Easter egg hunts more fun, and why not?


This post is written by Ellen, who likes writing, spending quality time with her family and and creates printable scavenger hunts in her spare time.

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