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Mar 19 / Easter Egg Hunter

Beach Easter Egg Hunt

Easter is almost here again, and with it comes the obligatory Easter Egg Hunt festivities. Usually we hide the eggs in the yard, as we’ve been fortunate enough to have had quite a large piece of property all these years. But it seems as if all the hiding spots have been taken – we’re talking eight years of hunts! So this year, we’re going to have a “Beach Easter Egg Hunt”. My husband and I think this will be a blast for the kids, and here’s how we’re going to do it:

First of all, we’re both going to get up really early in the morning and hide the eggs. Thankfully, my husband’s cousin owns a piece of beach property that’s private enough to do this. What we’re going to do is create a treasure-map-like scene for the kids. We’ll rake the entire area so it’s smooth, and we’ll put “X”s all over the place. Some will have eggs, some will not. The trick is to not walk around too much, so as to not scuff out the REAKL “x”s. No eggs will be hidden without an “X”.

We’re also going to set up a few markers using sticks to designate possible treasure areas. So the scene on this lot of sand is going to be riddled with marks and sticks, making it look like a glorious Funland for the kids.

Thank goodness we enjoy this as much as they do! We’re also going to have hidden maps in the area, just in case they miss a few of the eggs. Besides, we can’t be leaving eggs all over the beach for someone else to pick up!


This post is written by Ellen, who likes writing, spending quality time with her family and and creates printable scavenger hunts in her spare time.

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